Community Council Meeting


September 23, 2015

  1. Call to order- Present: Jennifer Jensen, Bret Holmes, Judy Jensen, Connie Chatelain, Valerie Donley, Lisa Gilstrap, Anna Glazier.  Excused: Dave Burt
  2. Acceptance of the March 25th meeting minutes
3rd 35% 62%
4th 31% 39%
5th 49% 52%
6th 29% 39%
  1. New Business
    a Election of Chair and Vice Chair: Lisa Gilstrap moved to nominate Bret Holmes for Chair.  Valerie Donley seconded it.  It was unanimous.  Bret moved to nominate Connie Chatelain for Vice Chair.  Lisa Gilstrap seconded it.  It was unanimous
    b.Discussed the new council responsibility of internet safety oversight.  The district safety protocols were discussed.  It was proposed that we go with the district’s internet safety plan.  
    c. Discussed and approved the emergency and safety plans.  The safe route has a section of sidewalk not complete- Connie Chatelain heard of a program to get that funded and will send it to Mrs. Gilstrap to start working on that as a possible way to get this done.
    d. DATA report: The school received a C grade from the state, however, the school is making progress.  Reviewed School Improvement Plan goals:
    1. 90%  students will read at Benchmark at the end of 3rd grade:  DIBELS data showed that 91%or 3rd graders  were at benchmark at the end of last year.
    2. Students will gain a year of growth according to SAGE data and Dreambox data
    SAGE math scores:

            Dreambox data

3. Goal #3 review- students will be active learners of science; they will do science. They will observe, inquire, question, formulate and test hypotheses, analyze data, report, and evaluate findings.  The students, as scientists will have a minimum of two integrated hands-on, active experiences throughout the instruction of the science curriculum. Students’ perceptions that they are capable of learning and doing science will increase.

Each student received the first project lead the way module and at least one other field trip or science experience/field trip/ activity.

Summer reading and math challenges:  100 students met the reading challenge earning medals and 50 students earned math medals.  It was suggested that we give out foxes for reading over the summer….

Moving forward:


Project Lead the Way Modules
K- Structure and Function:Exploring Design & Structure and Function: Human Body
1- Animated Storytelling & Animal Adaptations
2- Grids and Games & The Changing Earth
3- Stability and Motion: Science and Flight & Stability and Motion: Forces and Interaction
4- Input/Output: Computer Systems & Input/Output: Human Brain
5- Variations of Traits & Robotics: Automation & Infection Detection
6- Energy: Collisions & Energy: Conversions

Apply for STEM school designation through USOE
Briefly discussed math instruction changes to help move forward and homework helper for parent support.

Community Council Meeting
November 20, 2013 Minutes

Old Business
a) Leader in me update:
b) School physical improvements/Safety update- it was suggested that signage warning of the security cameras may be a helpful deterrent, we could use more cameras outside, too. A work order for motion detector lights has been submitted to the district.
c)2012-2013 trustland goal progress/budget report- we discussed the Dreambox usage and cost $7000, covering the cost of volunteer coordinator and intervention aides, computer lab aide, the purchase of science, math and reading materials for additional rigor, supplies and training.

New Business
Project Lead the Way- we have had an ongoing conversation about the desire to have some special program/opportunities for our students.  Mrs. Gilstrap talked about the Project Lead the Way elementary school launch going on in some states.  Project Lead the Way is the nations’ leading provider of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) curriculum and professional development.  Mrs. Gilstrap had a meeting scheduled the following day with the Superintendent and several district leaders to request we have the opportunity to launch PLTW elementary at our school, giving Weber School District a K-12 PLTW system.
(The Superintendent approved the request, Green Acres will launch elementary PLTW next year)

Community Council Meeting

September 24, 2014


Discussed the requirement to get the list of community council members on the webpage and in print by November 15th according to Land Trust rules. Also discussed ways to get another parent member or two in order to have a quorum to conduct business. We can't add another faculty member unless we add another parent. Lisa will look for parents to invite to join the council. Bret offered that she give them his number if they have questions.

Leader in me- Discussed the continuation of the Leader in Me program and how that came up in the parent focus group that Bret had participated in yesterday. Talked about the inventory process that included the parent and student focus groups, staff interviews and classroom observations conducted by people from the district office. Lisa and Judy told the council that the process had been really helpful and positive articulating what strengths Green Acres has and specific items to we could address to improve. Some specific things were communication with parents and promoting the academic success of our students.

Talked about the 100 students that received both math and reading medals for academic efforts over the summer. Bret pointed out that this is another indication that our expenditure on Dreambox is valuable and that we need to continue it. This is something we need to celebrate and let our community know. Jennifer can help through the newsletter.

School Improvement- Discussed the continued support of the district as we improve the appearance of our school. Still tiles in library to replace or new ones to replace. It's an easy fix. Mrs. Jensen has some in her room. Discussed putting down more grass seed before the snow covers the grass.

2013-2014 trustland goal and progress report was filed on time online. Discussed preliminary
impressions that we continue with our plan- Dreambox, STEM, Reading all interventions for improved academic scores... Bret educated the parents in the focus group about that being the objective of the community council.

Discussed the positive momentum of our STEM emphasis. Former Secretary of Education, William
Bennet, is coming to visit our school on Friday. This is a good thing for us, exciting to be
the first in Utah to be implementing Project Lead the Way. Bret suggested giving Dr. Bennett one of our T-shirts.

Safety- Lisa will check with the district to test our new phones in case of electrical outage.

Other suggestions for celebrating/promoting our student success:

-Announcements over intercom for student leaders exemplifying Leader in Me Habits

-lunch with Mrs. Gilstrap in the cafeteria, special table

-use remind 101 so parents can get texts, have them sign up at parent/teacher conferences in October

-have all of the students that got medals come to the gym and take a picture to display and post on website.  Meeting was adjourned, next meeting is November 19th at 3:15 p.m.

Be involved with our school. 
Join the PTA 
Advise on the Community Council.

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