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Mission: The mission of the Green Acres Community is to educate children in a safe environment to be productive, healthy, responsible citizens who enjoy learning and life.



-Green Acres School Mission Statement


 Green Acres Elementary Kindergarten

 Curriculum Highlights

Language Arts:Students master letter names and sounds, develop phonemic awareness, memorize multiple sight words, blend sounds to fluently read and write words that include CVC, CVCC, and CCVC patterns, and practice comprehension skills. In addition, students write, illustrate, and publish class and individual books.

Math:Students explore numbers 1-20, write numbers in a sequence, compare numbers, understand addition and subtraction, solve word problems, fluently add and subtract within 5, explore base ten and place value, use measurement and data collection skills, and explore geometry.

Social Studies: Students focus on self, family, and classroom with emphasis on culture, citizenship, geography, and financial literacy.

Science: Students are introduced to the scientific process; conduct numerous experiments in relation to weather, seasonal changes, zoology, botany, and physical sciences.

Art and Music: Students learn holiday, patriotic and educational songs. In art, they complete various art projects using a variety of mediums.

Opportunities for extension of learning/remediation techniques:

Students have daily opportunities to participate in small group activities within the kindergarten classroom. The children also engage in one on one work with teachers and paraprofessionals. They also have opportunities to reinforce important classroom skills with parent volunteers. Students may also participate in pull out groups with specialists.

Other Learning Opportunities: In May, kindergarten students present a program as a review of the year. This program includes many songs and poems the children have learned over the year.

Kindergartners also enjoy field trips to our local fire station, library and Huntsville Park.

 Kindergarten is Cool!

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Language Arts



Kindergarten Supply List


1.8 Glue Sticks

2.2 rolls of paper towels

3.1 box of washable markers

4.1labeled with child’s name

5.Healthy snacks (graham crackers, pretzels, fruit snacks, etc.) nothing with peanut butter or nuts

6.1 large pencil eraser (pink)

7.1 in. 3 ring binder and 25 sheet protectors (Mrs. Warner’s class only)- Labeled with child’s name

8.1 box Kleenex

9.1 disposable camera (Mrs. Jensen’s class only)

10.2 boxes of 8 count crayons

11.1 box of sandwich or snack sized zip-lock bags

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Too Sick For School?


Is your child too sick for school?  Read this flyer to determine if you child is too sick for school.

Governor's Reading Challenge


For more information about Governor's Summer Reading Challenge and how to sign up for the Summer Reading Program, visit www.readtoday.com and click on SUMMER READING.

Read with the Bees Postcard

2019 Summer Reading Challenege Digital Kit.