Students and parents:

Staying fluent in math, just like in reading, takes practice. To do this, we would like to encourage you to set a goal to practice math facts for at least 10 minutes per day, 4 days per week, for 10 weeks this summer. This simple habit equates to almost 7 hours of math practice! 


Grade-level specific fluency activities, websites, and apps that can be used to practice are list in the link called Summer Fluency Practice Ideas. Please print  the entire file or the grade-appropriate page. 


Please also print  the Summer Math Fluency Tracker. Students can use this to track their practice throughout the summer. 

When students complete the summer math practice goal they should submit the Summer 

Math Fluency Tracker

 to their teacher in August. 


In August teachers will submit the Math Fluency Tracker to their administrator. A 

Superintendent's Summer Math Fluency Certificate of Achievement will be printed at the District Office for each student who has achieved the practice goal.
Enjoy your summer and have some fun working on this Math Fluency Challenge.

1st grade teacher, Lori Barker, from Green Acres Elemtary received the Teacher Excellence Award at the ITEEA (International Technology Engineering Educator Association) Conference in Atlanta, Georgia on April 13, 2018.  This honor recognizes her passion for teaching students to love learning and see themselves as problem solvers in our world.  Mrs. Barker also presented her I-STEM (integrative Science, Technology, Egineering and Math) Blue Whale unit at the conference.  

Congratulations Mrs. Barker.



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