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School Trust Lands Final Report 16-17

We are grateful for the money we receive from School Trust Lands.  Due to the changes in the law, we received $38,597 last year.  With that money we were able to deliver support and materials as outlined in our Trust Land Plan.  These are the results for last year.

 Goal #1 Reading- We were pleased with our above average annual growth across the school.  Our students achieved 69% growth in their reading proficiency last year.  The state goal is 43% annual growth.

Goal #2 Math- According to Dream Box data, our students achieved 61% growth in their math proficiency.  Our SAGE math scores showed an increase from 47.2% to 52.8% proficiency over the past two years.  At the same time we've been working to improve our instruction and outcomes, the magnet PAL (program for accelerated learners) classes were phased out of our school so I believe our SAGE scores minimize our growth. Even so, last year we had no accelerated students from outside our school area for a PAL class and yet our math scores reached higher than the year before when we sill had the extra class of accelerated students.

Goal #3 STEM- Each student had two Project Lead the Way modules and additional STEM experiences as planned.  We had field trips to the Nature Center, Planetarium, Environmental Center in addition to field trips that came to us from the Utah Natural Museum, Water Van, etc..  We also added robotics to 1st grade!

It was a great year and we continue to work to improve the educational experience for our students this year.  Our current Trust Land plan is in the main hallway if you're interested in seeing it.

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