Student Information Forms

Parents:  The following is a list of forms for student registration.  The first link will need to be filled out each year.  The rest of the links are forms to be used as needed.  Please read the forms with the * then sign the notice you received at school and return the signed page to the school.  Thanks!


* Student Information, Medical Information, Home Language Survey (Each child needs information updated yearly and parent and student need to sign the Student Information Form at the bottom of P. 2 stating they have read the Student Discipline Policy)
K-3rd Appropriate Use of Technology Agreement (Each student needs annually)
4th-6th grade Appropriate Use of Technology Agreement (Each student needs annually)

Directory Information Withhold Release Request (As needed)

Ethnicity and Race (New students only)

FERPA - English Version (Each family needs access annually)

Parent/Guardian Rights Notice (Each family needs access annually)

Homeless Student Identification (As needed)

Medication Policy (Each family needs access annually)

Student Discipline Policy(Including Safe School Policy) (Each family needs access annually)

WSD Calendar (Each family needs access annually)

* Comprehensive Education/Attendance Policy-English Version (Each family needs access annually)

School Fees Notice (Each family needs access annually)

School Fee Waiver-Application (As needed)

Parents Poster K-6 (Each family needs access annually)

Residence - Disclosure (As needed)

Miscellaneous Notices (Each family needs access annually)

Residence Verification (As needed)

Medical Examination Report-Revised 10-13 for Kindergarten Students

Dental Exam-Revised 10-13 for Kindergarten Students

Come Join the GA Community Council

Learn how you can be involved with our school.  Participate in the Community Council.

Literacy Night

Come to the annual Green Acres Literacy Night on March 5th.  See Flyer for details.