Principal's Corner

 We're working hard to create an atmosphere that promotes GREAT leaders.  GREAT is an acronym created with a parent committee, it reminds us that at Green Acres:
We set and achieve GOALS.
We value LIFELONG education.
We choose a positive ATTITUDE.
We know all are important on our TEAM.

To help students become GREAT leaders we will be focusing on 7 Habits found in The Leader in Me book and other Covey publications. Those habits are:

1. Be Proactive- You're in charge
2. Start with the End in Mind- Have a Plan
3. Put First things First- Work First, Then Play 
4. Think win-win- Everyone Can Win
5. Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood- Listen Before You Talk
6. Synergize- Together is Better
7. Sharpen the Saw- Balance Feels Best



Thanks for being a part of our school community.

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Lisa Gilstrap



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Too Sick For School?


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