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Our school

801-452-4420  |  640 East 1900 North, North Odgen, Utah 84414

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Community Council Meeting 

Thursday, February 20, 2020 3:20 p.m.

1. Call to order

Roll call: Valerie Donley, Leah Dalton, Kira Garner, Lisa Gilstrap
Acceptance of the January meeting minutes- will send to be approved through email as allowed for in our bylaws
2. New Trust Land Budget Proposal- Discussed the estimated disbursement for the 2020-21 school year, went over the proposed plan, members present voted to approve, members not present. Prascilla Crook and Anna Glazier voted in favor of the plan through email as allowed for in our bylaws.
 3. New Business
a. Chrome Books 1:1 2nd through 6th grade have arrived.
b. 2 robotics team qualified for World robotics championship

c. We have received a Silver STEM School Designation, unofficially until the state board meets to approve the new designations.  That will go through 2025.  We discussed the experience of Mrs. Frost and Mrs. Moore as reviewers for STEM school designation applications and how we do so much that we didn’t document well.  Mrs. Donley asked if we could get a Gold or Platinum Designation.  That will be up to the staff and new principal to decide.

4. Other items:

Literacy night March 3- It’s a pirate theme
Spring Break March 30- April 1  

The meeting was adjourned at 3:45.

Proposed Trust Land Plan 2020-21

Goal #1

60% of students Kindergarten through 6th grade will make typical or above typical growth as indicated by the Pathways of Progress on our Acadience (DIBELS) Reading Assessment

 Academic Areas

-       Reading


We will use the DIBELS Pathways of Progress to measure progress on this goal.

 Action Plan Steps

 Each teacher will use core aligned, comprehensive reading materials for explicit, daily, whole-group reading instruction.  Based on assessments we will provide targeted instruction to students in small groups.  Small groups will be facilitated by teachers, trained volunteers and  educational support professionals($10000).  Grade level teams will make instructional and intervention decisions during dedicated collaboration time where they review student data, identify individual deficits and prepare specific intervention strategies.  Substitute teachers will be hired when necessary to provide time for teachers to individually assess students or attend training in best practices($800). We will use funds to purchase books of varying levels and interests to increase student engagement in reading($1200).  We will lease ($5000) and repair/replace ($500) devices leased with trustland funds so students will have greater access devices to engage students in reading instruction, practice and interventions.  We will implement Imagine Reading and IXL to provide online individualized instruction, assessment and intervention in reading to students.

  Goal #2

At the end of 2019-20 academic year, 80% of students will attain grade level math essential learning targets.


Grade level Student Growth Assessment data, IXL math and Imagine Math benchmark assessments will be used to determine that learning targets have been met.

 Teachers will provide core aligned, math instruction emphasizing and intervening on identified essential learning targets for their grade.  Teachers will have professional development opportunities and time to prepare and implement research based math instructional practices($2000). We will provide Imagine Math and IXL to provide individualized math practice, assessment and intervention to students during teacher collaboration time and at home practice($8000).  We will pay an educational support professional to supervise students with online math practice while teachers review student data, plan and collaborate($10000). Students will receive intervention based on their individual needs in small groups. Teachers and educational support professionals($2000) will facilitate the small groups.  Funds will be used to lease ($5000)  and maintain ($500) devices purchased with trustland funds  to engage students in math practice and interventions. 

Goal #3

We will increase and maintain student engagement and learning through our Science, Technology, Engineering and Math emphasis.

Academic Areas

-       Math

-       Technology

-       Science

We will measure student engagement in S.T.E.M. subjects by using an opportunity to respond/student engagement classroom observation tool.  The goal is 80% or more of students engaged and 30-40 opportunities for students to respond in a 10 minute observation.  Student engagement is an indicator of teacher efficacy.  Teaching efficacy has a 1.75 effect size on student achievement according to Hattie's research. We will use IXL data to demonstrate growth in Science.

 Action Plan Steps

 Every student will have two STEM engineering projects through our Project Lead the Way Launch module.  In addition to that we will purchase new Project Lead the Way science modules that align with the new Utah Science Standards. ($4000).  We will purchase necessary materials for science instruction ($2000). We will provide ($5000) and maintain ($500) enough devices and computers for students to use technology daily.  Teachers will receive training in STEM instruction to effectively teach these topics and to more effectively integrate Chrome Books into our instruction ($4000).  It is a priority of ours to send teachers to out of state conferences to keep our school innovative in STEM subjects. ($3700)  We will implement IXL Science to provide online individualized instruction, assessment and intervention to students grades 4th through 6th. 

Estimated Distribution 2020-2021  $64,765


Budgeted amount


Salaries and Benefits



Professional and technical

$ 6000


Repairs and Maintenance

$ 1500



$ 2500


General Supplies

$ 7200



$ 8000


Technology Equipment







Any additional distribution will be utilized to purchase materials, pay for educational support specialists to support interventions, and professional development.

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