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 Maryann Rackham

Hello Grizzlies! Don't forget about our 40 book challenge!


*Grades k-3 up to 200 pages equals one book.

*Grades 4-6 no easy picture books.  Up to 200 pages  counts as 1 book,

200+ pages it will count as 2 books.

Example: Charlotte’s Web 184 pages = 1 book.  Harry Potter 317 = 2 books.


*Turn this paper into your teacher by March 10th to qualify for the  activity!

You can email me if you have questions.




Happy Reading!!!

Mrs. Rackham




   Click on picture to access Pioneer Elementary library catalog






With Sora, you can get free ebooks and audiobooks from our school!

Step 1: Click the picture above to be redirected to the Sora website for Weber School District. Or install Sora app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Step 2: Enter your Username and Password  (blue paper sent home with student)

Step 3: Browse the Explore tab and borrow a book. Your book will open so you can start reading right away.

Step 4: Close the book and go to your Shelf to see all your books. From there, you can:

                     - Tap OPEN BOOK or OPEN AUDIOBOOK to read or listen to a book.

                     - Tap OPTIONS to renew or return the book, get your notes and highlights, and more.

Click HERE to watch a tutorial.

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