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Dear Green Acres Families,

As we are receiving ever changing guidelines and updates during this Public Health Crisis regarding the COVID-19, your child(ren) may be experiencing confusion, stress or anxiety. All of these feelings and reactions are completely normal. We, as a nation and community are experiencing trying times. 

Children who already experience stress or anxiety may have increased symptoms. Your children who have never experienced or exhibited anxiety symptoms may start doing so. In elementary aged children, these behaviors are normal as they may be hearing and experiencing news that is scary to them. There are many tools and resources available. I am excited to share some of these amazing resources with you during these difficult times. 

First of all, reassure your child(ren) they are safe.  All of the things that are happening are simply precautions to keep us healthy and safe.  Many of the resources I have provided can be done as a family. 

Please feel free to contact me for individual needs by email at .

Below is the link to a google slide where you can find resources you may need in these next few weeks; relaxation, tips on talking with your kids on COVID-19, etc. I will update information periodically I hope you find these tools helpful, and I would encourage you to include daily relaxation into your schedule.  

Thank you for allowing me to work with your awesome children!

Brenda Walker

School Counselor

Green Acres Elementary

Mrs. Walker's Counselor Corner Slide Show


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